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Practice Areas

Trial Consulting

Dallas Trial Consulting Attorney – Strategy, Juror Selection, Mock Trials When it comes to a trial, winning is what matters.  As a lawyer, your client expects nothing less than your best. I help lawyers excel at trial through enhancing legal strategies, determining how to present a case

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Securities & Investment Fraud

Securities & Investment Fraud – Helping Victimized Clients Recover Against Brokers, Advisors, and All Those Responsible Stocks, bonds, ETF’s, annuities and other investment opportunities are increasingly complex.  Fraudulent schemes and methods have grown at the same time. I represent people who have been misled in purchasing stocks

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Plaintiffs and Defendants

As a trial specialist, Brady works both sides of the docket. This gives him a highly unusual understanding and feel for how to win both sides of a case.  As a former prosecutor, he’s an excellent defense lawyer.  As a business lawyer and insurance defense as well

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Professional Liabililty

Professional liability involves actual or potential liability of lawyers, doctors, accountants, engineers, architects, orthodontists, and other members of the learned professions.

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Stock Fraud Lawyer

In addition to complex commercial litigation, Braden W. Sparks handles all types of securities and stock fraud cases for private investors, including cases against brokers, dealers, issuers and sellers of all classifications – stocks, bonds, notes, oil and gas transactions, and all other investments constituting securities. Mr.

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Shadow Counsel

Back-up representation in complex cases where potential conflicts may arise between aligned parties.

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High Yield Bonds or Junk Bonds

A bond is a type of debt instrument, rather than stock.  A bond fund holds various types of bonds. Bonds are rated for various aspects of their performance.  High-yield bonds are so called because they pay higher interest rates than more conservative bonds, for one reason —

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Investment Fraud

Investment fraud is a broad, generalized term that traditionally encompasses the entire gamut of false representations and omissions that may occur with the offer or sale of a security, whether stocks, bonds, mutual funds, commodities, futures contracts, annuities, or any other form of investment contract coming under

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Negligence claims involve any failure to act in a prudent or reasonable manner by a seller, broker, or brokerage firm, resulting in losses to an investor.

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