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Stock Fraud Lawyer

In addition to complex commercial litigation, Braden W. Sparks handles all types of securities and stock fraud cases for private investors, including cases against brokers, dealers, issuers and sellers of all classifications – stocks, bonds, notes, oil and gas transactions, and all other investments constituting securities.

Mr. Sparks recently handled a case for an investor who invested in a fraudulent bond fund, recovering a $2.4 million judgment against the fund’s manager and issuer after a long, hard-fought battle.  The Dallas Court of Appeals decision, which was upheld in early 2017 by the Texas Supreme Court, may be found here.

Sparks handles all types of securities fraud cases, such as outright seller or broker fraud, customer suitability, account churning, undisclosed risks, overconcentration in one area of the market, failure to supervise, misrepresentations and omissions, breach of fiduciary duty, “pump and dump” schemes, margin account abuse, elder fraud, failure to execute a trade, or “selling away,” among others.

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